Southern California girl, originally from Oregon, I knew early on I needed to be around palm trees and the ocean. I've been here10+ years and love the laidback, carefree lifestyle. I live in leggings and am obsessed with all things athleisure, cool kicks and beach vibes. I am also a justice warrior, lover of salt, Sauv Blanc and Red Lobster biscuits. Tiny Bubbles blog is about the freedom to be who you were before society told you who to be.Open minds, expletives and female empowerment live here.


Hey There - I'm Marcella!


WELCOME! If you found this page, I am excited that you are here!

I’m Marcella and at the age of 47, in the midst of a pandemic, racial injustices, and the economy as well as my own business tanking, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to start an athleisure-lifestyle fashion blog.  I should also let you know sarcasm is my sidekick.

Tiny Bubbles was never going to be a blog though. In its many ideas and forms (retail store, online boutique, the list goes on), it has been in my head for over 20 years. Where it began and where it is today is much like my life: constantly evolving, all over the place, contradictory, funny, and confusing with a splash of irony.

Tiny Bubbles was born in Maui, HI, when I was nine. My family and I vacationed there; I instantly fell in love with the sunsets, cool breezes, and the aloha spirit. Returning later in life, I realized my love for Hawaii was not just about the palm trees, beach and sunsets; it was about feeling carefree and at peace. It's no coincidence I also loved Don Ho’s song, “Tiny Bubbles,” even though, at the time, I had no idea what it meant.  The universe always has a way of bringing things full circle.

The rest is history. The name, anyway. It stuck.

Beach vibes have always been part of my soul even before Maui, visiting the Oregon coast on weekends, which included running with the seagulls and no coincidence, blowing bubbles. And, when I got my first taste of southern CA, on a road trip from Oregon to Palm Springs, driving through palm trees, and down the coastline, game over.  

To understand how Tiny Bubbles turned from idea inspiration into a blog, we have to travel back in time right around Y2K when we thought our biggest worry was wondering if our PC’s would malfunction and deciding what Juicy Couture track suit to wear. I was in my late 20’s approaching what I thought was “old,” turning 30. I had recently been laid off and was living at home with my mom in Oregon. I had some time on my hands and began reading a ton of books and finally started realizing what a bunch of bullshit society, school, and our culture has spoon-fed us about work, marriage, and having kids. These norms and cultural rules, of course, were aimed specifically at women.

At the age of 30, according to societal norms I was supposed to be married, work full-time, and preparing to have my first or second child. I was NONE of those things, instead I was broke AF, single AF, and had little desire to have a child.

I had the same passion for finding my purpose that most women have about getting married and having kids. I began feeling very strongly about women’s empowerment and equality and questioning everything I was taught. I was reading self-help, mindset, and philosophy books like it was my job, bound and determined to find my purpose and make sense of the world.

Over the years while working in corporate America in sales for Adidas, Converse and JanSport, I began finding my way and developed a love for all things athleisiure and cool kicks. I did my best to navigate being a woman in a male-dominated industry and along the way realized there was much more to life than sneakers and leggings. I thought perhaps I could write a blog about what I love: fashion, athleisure, sneakers and beach vibes. At the time, I didn't have the courage or the voice to write about any "serious" issues.

Fast forward to 2020, I had a branding session to help define Tiny Bubbles and better determine my purpose with my blog. It happened to fall after LA had its first lockdown when COVID first entered our reality. After it hit, something shifted in me and in the country. The world became much darker, exposing the issues we, as a country, had never faced, let alone addressed; suddenly creating a blog became much more important than product reviews and taking pictures on a beach.

"Good vibes” and happy times seemed tone-deaf and inappropriate. At the same time, I realized we all need an escape from the reality and the uncertainty of what we are living through, too. I landed somewhere in between serious and light-hearted. So, as it stands today, Tiny Bubbles is about fashion, athleisure, socal, road trips, good times, and good vibes while, also being cognizant of the larger issues affecting this country, using this platform to take a stand, and be a voice on issues that are important to women.

It is my hope through this blog to build a community of women who support each other, regardless of age, bridging the generational gap, so together, we can take on some of these larger issues, one pair of leggings at a time.

Peace, Love, & Prosecco,

Future athleisure blogger.


Atthleisure OG.Nothing says winter athleisure on the Oregon coast like a puffy jacket and short shorts.

Late 70s

Building a brand one bubble at a time.


Rompers were my jam.


My first trip to Maui and I was obsessed.  
Tiny Bubbles was born.


Tiny Bubbles...I got it from my mamma.


My athleisure game was strong in high school. This outfit is as relevant today as it was in 1991 proving
Gen X fashion is always in fashion.


Presenting the adidas Originals line in NYC to the trendsetting, independent boutiques in the country. I had arrived. Tiny Bubbles began to evolve into more than just an idea in my head. 


Tiny Bubbles comes to life.  Let's do this!



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