Cabo Marquis Review: Why I Will Not Be Going Back


cabo marquis balcony beach shot with palm trees
The view from our balcony was amazing.

Cabo Marquis Review

My girlfriend and I had not seen each other in three years, we were beyond excited to take a girl’s trip vacation to Cabo Marquis located about 12 miles from the airport and seven miles from downtown. We researched a number of places and the reviews for Cabo Marquis, an all-inclusive, adults-only resort, were excellent. I was obsessed with looking at their website daily, dreaming of cocktails by the pool, relaxing, and trying different cuisines all while not having a care in the world.

The hurricane that landed a few days before we arrived may have been foreshadowing the experience we were about to have with the food, an utter disaster.

We arrived separately, but within minutes of each other, and of course, had the obligatory Los Cabos airport bar margarita that never tastes that good but marks the beginning of your vacation.

Gratuitous margarita pic.

Cabo Marquis had a car service (SUV) for an additional fee that was the perfect start to our girls’ trip. I would highly recommend arranging transportation in something other than a shuttle.

Our driver Mario picked us up in an immaculate SUV with fresh water.

For some context, this was my third time to Cabo and the first time on the more “resort” side. The other places I’ve stayed were near downtown, Cabo Azul and Cabo Villa. It was also my third time at an all-inclusive and it’s safe to say I won’t be doing that again. Food and drinks are an important part of your vacation experience and I have never loved the food/drink at an all-inclusive, so for me, it is not worth the price. I’ve also realized part of the fun of staying in Mexico is going out to eat at authentic Mexican restaurants and feeling the vibe of the city.

My Cabo Marquis Resort review may sound harsh but I want to be honest because I know how seriously people take them. We based our decision, in part, on the reviews. I don’t want to paint a totally negative picture, there were some great aspects to our stay which I will highlight but there was one thing in particular that was terrible.


The side of Cabo where Cabo Marquis is located is beautiful. The ocean is more clear than on the other side, and it’s not as rocky, however, where we were staying we could not walk on the beach due to high tide. Additionally, it is much quieter (this can be a good thing) but you don’t get the full experience of Cabo since you are not near downtown. Some people want a more relaxed vibe while others prefer to be in the midst of the action. Where you stay, really depends on your preferences and the objective of your vacation. We were there for relaxation, drinks by the pool, and the spa so Marquis was perfect (in theory).

View from our oceanfront room balcony. Cabo Marquis.


The one consistent thing I have found when visiting Mexico is the excellent service and the measures the staff will go to accommodate you and make sure you have the BEST time. Every other place I have stayed in Mexico, a refreshing beverage awaits you in the lobby. This was not the case at Cabo Marquis. We were not offered anything and while that is seemingly not a big deal when there are many hotels and resorts to choose from, small details can make a big difference.

The lobby at Cabo Marquis is beautiful. Facemasks on. COVID test is required before you enter back in the US.

I was disappointed at check-in because the person who checked us in charged the entire amount on my girlfriend’s credit card without telling us. Typically you pay the full amount at check-out so we didn’t think to ask. We needed to split the bill, so we asked if he could void and re-do the transaction. He couldn’t and didn’t seem to want to try. Small details matter.

When we arrived, all we wanted to do was get to the pool for a cocktail. Ordering our first adult beverage may have been the first sign that perhaps our dream hotel may not live up to the expectations of the reviews we read.

I ordered a pineapple mimosa. It was meh. Room temperature cocktails are not my jam. If they are yours, then Cabo Marquis is for you. More on food and beverages to follow.

Looks pretty…but a lukewarm pineapple mimosa is no Bueno.


The infinity pool is awesome, you cannot beat the view of the ocean while you sip on your lukewarm mimosa. 😉 We spent most of our time in the pool because it was so hot. Pro Tip: Bring a packable floaty so you can lay out to your heart’s content. The pool’s width is small so I imagine it gets pretty crowded when hotel occupancy is near full (it was about 50% full while we were there).

Make sure to reserve your lounge chair early. We did so by putting a towel and book down around 9am; by 10 am most of the good spots are taken. You want to get the lounge chairs that are right by the pool in the center, overlooking the ocean, it is an incredible view.

Praying my phone wouldn’t fall in the pool for this selfie. 😉


We had a Junior Suite Ocean Front with two double beds. It was only 625 square feet and felt small. There was decent closet space and cubby drawers. There were no plugs near our bed so we found ourselves with low battery phones, forgetting to charge them at night where there were plug-ins. The interior is dated but not bad. The TV is small and everything is in Spanish.


The bathroom was very compact. There were shutters that separated the bathtub from the room and if you opened them you could see the ocean view from afar but it was very close to one of the beds. The shower was fine. There was very little counter space and it felt very cluttered. Two robes and two sets of slippers were available which was nice after we showered and sat on the balcony.

girl sipping wine in bathrobe on balcony
My girlfriend enjoying the robe and the Veuve we purchased outside of the resort.

The toilet was right next to the countertop area and had a glass door. Let’s just say I would not stay here on your first vacation with a potential suitor.

The door is glass and not soundproof. 😉 Photo by: Trip Advisor

Mini Bar

The mini bar was just okay. It’s small and it doesn’t get very cold. There was beer, sparkling water, Coke, and Sprite; not a lot of food except Pringles and a trail bar. It didn’t get replenished every day and when it did, there were only two food items.


Both my girlfriend and I had amazing sleep (a big plus). There is a ceiling fan that was awesome when we figured out how to work it. The room stays very dark, so you literally need your iPhone light to direct you to the bathroom. By the end of our stay, I definitely felt rested.


Housekeeping was excellent. They came every day and it always felt good and refreshing walking into a clean room. At night they had turn down service where they re-cleaned and laid out our slippers.

Balcony view

The view is absolutely stunning. By far the BEST part of the experience was the balcony view (although our light did not work outside). Because of the hurricane a few days prior, the fifth-floor rooms were not available so we had a fourth-floor room with a spectacular view of the beach and surroundings. The moon was almost full so we had some exquisite sunsets with the moon glowing brightly behind the pink clouds and a cameo by a bat. That’s not a typo, there was a bat flying around. We looked up what “bat spirit animal” meant and well wow. It was eerily relatable for both of us (death, letting go of the old, and bringing in the new).


We did not have one truly cold beverage our entire stay. Understandably it was hotter and more humid than usual, but at no point were they cold. We decided to try putting ice in our drinks but by the time we got the ice, the drink was now not salvageable; it was just too warm and the bubbles had long gone (see service).

Pro Tip: Pack a hydroflask or corcksickle in your carry-on to use while you are on vacation to keep your beverages cold.

Hydroflask tumbler at the beach

Because it was all-inclusive, we decided to order multiple drinks because surely one would taste good! Nope. We ordered room service and tried a couple of martinis (Lemondrop, Cosmo). They came in large wine glasses and were awful. And warm.

We are problem solvers so we decided to make our own! My girlfriend promptly ordered four shots of vodka, Sprite, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. But something was still off. It was the JUICE. There was something about the juice that made all of the drinks taste odd, we determined boxed juice isn’t very good.

I put my bartending skills to the test and concocted the hot mess you see below. Sprite, vodka, and a leftover crystal light pack I had in my carry-on. It was a valiant effort but as Hall and Oates would say, “No Can Do.”

I am naming this Hot Mess, Cabo Marquis.

Certainly, they would have to have fresh margs that were bound to taste perfect; we were in Mexico after all. Hard pass. However, one day, they had a special margarita cart where a gentleman was making a variety of fresh-squeezed margaritas. This was the first and only cocktail I liked! The only problem, he was only there for a couple of hours, and only for that one day. It wasn’t that cold but I let it slide.

Mango Margarita saved the day but not my manicure.


I understand we are in COVID times, so I absolutely want to give grace to the hotel staff but the service was really slow. They were clearly understaffed and all I kept thinking is how hot they must be because they were sweating so profusely. I wondered if any droplets got in my drink. Don’t get me wrong, the servers were incredibly nice and tried to accommodate the best they could but it literally took 30-45 min at times to get a drink so it was better to get two glasses at one time. The only problem is now you have a large glass of a warm mimosa.

mimosa poolside at cabo marquis
Still not cold.


Every day one of the staff would approach to do an activity like volleyball or aqua aerobics.

All I could think about is Dr. Rick’s commercial: “Do we really need a sign that says, ‘Live, Laugh, Love?’ The answer is no.”

Do people really do the activities at a resort? Just kidding, I remember doing Zumba after consuming too many mimosas one time and nearly passed out, so the dance class they offered was out. They also had archery and some type of rifle/gun practice. When we saw a man with a rifle-looking gun, unaware that this was an activity, we thought perhaps the drug cartel was alive and well in Cabo.



I have thought a lot about how I wanted to convey my severe disappointment in the food and there just aren’t words. Full transparency, I have the palette of a toddler, however, my girlfriend is a foodie and is not picky. We both agreed based on the food alone, we would not go back to Cabo Marquis. We legit tried nearly everything on the menu. Literally, nothing was good. We thought how do you f-k up eggs?! Apparently, you can.

Room Service

We ordered the “American breakfast” (eggs, bacon, toast). We got eggs with bacon bits sprinkled inside of the scrambled eggs, atop a mound of beans, surrounded by chips none of which tasted good, none of which was warm. The fruit plate looked inedible. Because I have a weird aversion to Country Crock type butter (the only kind they served) a lot of things that I eat when I don’t like anything else were out (toast, bagels, pancakes).

My girlfriend tried the French Toast. She said it arrived cold, the syrup wasn’t good and the bread was hard.

The buffet was not good. I am not sure why we would think the same food served buffet-style would be better because it wasn’t. The eggs, although plain, were terrible, very wet, and had a weird taste to them. Because I cannot have fake butter, my go-to bagel with butter was out.

We decided to get a peanut butter/banana smoothie we had tried before and liked at their cafe, but they were out of bananas so there went that idea.


For lunch, we ate at the pool but their pool menu is odd, with very little variety We opted for chips and salsa with guac every day with the exception of a hamburger when were starving (it wasn’t terrible). The salsa was not bad, one of the only things I actually liked; I didn’t like their chips, probably a good thing, otherwise, I would have consumed a truckload. There were no “Mexican” items on the menu aside from the chips and salsa. I asked for a quesadilla anyway. You guys…. I cannot tell you the utter disappointment I felt when I saw this little, raggedy tortilla (cold) with unmelted cheese.

Sidenote – the BEST cheese quesadillas are downtown Cabo!


Hoping to find a restaurant on the property we liked, we tried all but one and were again disappointed. The Japanese restaurant looked really cool on the outside but on the inside it had a vibe of a cross between a cafeteria and Benihana. I am very simple and ordered chicken fried rice. The chicken was so dry I could not eat it. My girlfriend who ordered a tuna won ton looked like she got botox in her lips the next morning. We are assuming that although she stated she was allergic to shrimp, some probably made it into the won ton.

girl having dinner at a japanese restrauant in cabo
Before her lip got swollen from the food.

My girlfriend reminded me we also tried about 30 martinis, none of which were satisfying.


We met the absolute BEST people…. and iguanas.

My new pal Iglesias.

Aside from the views, the people we met made this vacation! Nothing better than sippin on mimosas in the pool chatting it up with new people from all walks of life. Our new favorite couple couldn’t get rid of us. We had a blast hanging out with these ladies, and the best part, they live in LA! We’ve remained friends and I plan to hang out with them when I move back to socal.

Clearly not photographers, the staff was kind enough to take a photo of our new besties.

In closing, I know this is A LOT but I wanted to give a clear picture of the pros and cons. Ultimately we had an awesome vacation but we wouldn’t do it again at Cabo Marquis.

Peace, Love, & Prosecco,




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  1. JULIE HARRIS says:

    I will always travel with you because we know how to live it up regardless of the food and drinks!! xoxoxox

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