Brunchin Loungewear + Matching Sets For Your Mimosa-Filled Weekend


The other night I was sitting on my couch, watching an old episode of Three’s Company where Chrissy and Janet were wearing the cutest loungewear ensembles (and don’t even get me started on the OG of loungin, Mrs. Roper, in all her tunic-mumu glory). The trio of awesomeness featured athleisure before it was even athleisure.

Three’s Company Loungewear could be its own collection now! Photo by: ABC, via Pluto TV

While watching the politically incorrect, borderline sexist, probably sexist, but still good as hell, Three’s Company, I began to evaluate my own loungewear pieces or shall I say lack thereof. I wouldn’t consider a pair of 7-year-old torn sweats and an ill-fitting Target tee to be loungewear but here we are. In fact, I realized that’s all I wore to lounge or to bed for the last, I dunno, five-plus years. Good lord, it was way past time for an upgrade.

Loungewear is clearly a trend here to stay after being cocooned in our homes over the last year due to the pandemic but with that, we now have a selection of loungewear like never before including matching sets (I swore I would never wear), the cutest joggers ever and a host of other comfortable threads that also look effortlessly chic. Styles you could actually wear to the grocery store without looking a hot mess.

WSLY Photo by: Bandier

I went on a bit of a tear trying to find the best, most comfortable, and cute loungewear, and I was not disappointed. In fact, I wanted everything. It had been so long since I had actually cared what I looked like loungin, sippin on mimosas that I had no idea the bevy of options that awaited me! And if, like me, you either haven’t had the time or haven’t realized your wardrobe needed a lounge upgrade this blog’s for you!

UGG $98 Photo by: Nordstrom
UGG $98 Photo by: Nordstrom

Ironically, the day before Valentine’s day I received a text from one of my best friends. She said to be on the lookout for a package. The next day the package arrived, I had no idea what it was and it was like Christmas as soon as I opened the package and saw a glimpse of this green material that was very familiar to me. It was a matching loungewear set I had been obsessing about on Amazon. My girlfriend and I must have had an hour-long conversation about matching sets and here was my favorite, right before my eyes! You cannot beat getting a V-day gift from your girlfriend! I wasn’t sure how it would look but I knew it felt divine, super soft! And then when I tried it on, I was giddy with joy, I loved it and it FIT! The Gods of Loungewear were with me! Not only that, this is a versatile set that can be worn a few different ways and of course as separates giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

Amazon set. In love with this color!
To tuck or not to tuck….that is the question!
Change up the shoes, the tuck, and try different jackets for different looks.

Grab a mimosa and let’s travel to our couch and embark on this journey into loungewear brands; you will see more sets, innovative and creative ways brands are changing up traditional styles, and of course some core, solid staples.

Staying on the Amazon train, let’s take a look at a few styles from their ginormous offering! Please note, if fair labor and eco-conscious brands are important to you I would encourage you to research the brands that are selling these products before you buy. There is a reason they are so cheap.


Tie-dye is NOT dead. It is “the print” for loungewear and it looks good! Brands are exploring different colors and color combinations and the choices are endless!

Sidenote about Amazon pricing: because different sellers compete for your business on Amazon, prices may vary. Most brands try to keep this in check and have one MSRP but with Amazon being the bemouth that it is, it is nearly impossible. Also, check the rating of the seller to make sure they have a good reputation before purchasing- I am sure that goes without saying but just in case!

“Pretty Garden” on Amazon has some of the best, most affordable loungewear including the jumpsuit!

Camo is now considered a “color” because of its popularity. Some camos are good, others not so much. Photo by:

I purchased this jumpsuit in medium but because I am so tall (5’8), there was no “give” in the fabric so I had massive camel-toe and obviously it did not look good. I purchased the camo and grey color. The camo looked sooo cute in the photo but I felt like I was going on a hunting trip to kill Bambi and that was not the look I was going for. Too much camo for me. Additionally, the material did feel a little “cheap.” But, for the price and the look (if it fit), I would still purchase in a solid color.

Amazon also has a lot of “staples” in core loungewear like the jogger. In fact, they have a whole portion of their website dedicated to “essentials.” I am in the midst of writing a blog just on Amazon loungewear because there are SO many options!

I never knew I needed pale yellow joggers! “Amazon Essentials Women’s Relaxed Fit $20.90-$21 Photo by:

P.J. Salvage

One of the most popular brands in PJ’s and loungewear, P.J. Salvage did not disappoint. By far the brand with the softest of materials, I was delighted to try some of their new arrivals! The great thing about their website is the ability to search by fabric, pattern, or color. For example, when I clicked on the “thermal” category I found this PJ set with you guessed it, a thermal-like material.

Cute button detail on the pant. Set is $100 Photo by: P.J. Salvage

I purchased the set below and OMG it is so soft and cozy you guys! I also really like how they played with the tie-dye print, giving it this marble look.

This set has replaced my old sweats and Target tee and I feel a million times better loungin and sippin on my couch. Photo by: P.J. Salvage

Putting these luxurious loungewear items on made me wanna dance so I did! Cue: Whitney Houston

P.J. Salvage is clearly a dog lover because it seems every season there is a dog print, most notably the Frenchie, and who doesn’t love a cute Frenchie print on their loungewear?

Moving into a more sophisticated, chic loungewear look we have an indie, Black-owned brand.


This Black-owned, eco-conscious, forward-thinking brand is all about minimalist, elegant, chic loungewear looks. But don’t take my word for it, visit their website, because what I am showing will not do their collections justice. They have such beautiful photography to highlight their elevated, sexy loungewear looks you’ll feel like you’re at the beach or in a cool LA warehouse.

The button-down has made its way into “loungewear” and brands like Local European are creating new and innovative designs of this iconic silhouette.

SO many ways to wear this iconic staple. Photo by: Local European

They also have classic loungewear — these joggers are unisex, 100% cotton, and made in LA. I am not sure what that piece of fabric is on top, nor could I pull off this look, but dang she sure can!


Founded in Los Angeles, they are all about “comfy, chic, and durable.” They have higher prices for a reason. All of their styles are made in LA from design to production and they are thoughtful with the materials they use.

What’s really awesome is they donate a percentage of every purchase to a variety of different charities nationwide. You can check out more on their charities here.

A new twist on the traditional V-neck Tee (see photo below on another way to style) Photo by: Project Social T

They also have a variety of fun, oversized, comfy, graphic tees.

Electric & Rose

This brand has the best founder story. A husband and wife (and pooch!) team started their brand in 2014 and were inspired by their two favorite streets in Venice: Electric and Rose. If you have been to the area you know why (super eclectic, artsy, entrepreneurial, and beach vibes. Their collections reflect that: beach, sunsets, hikes, backyard b-barbecues, and yoga.

I cannot resist a charming (y’all I just had to look “cute” up in the thesaurus because I feel like there has to be a better word, it’s overused, and you know what, there are not a lot of words that can articulate how cute these are!:)

And introducing the new loungewear staple…


I wish it was easier to go to the loo in jumpsuits but, they are so cute I am willing to sacrifice. Photo by: Electric & Rose
Photo by: Socialite
Photo by: Socialite

Comfy jumpsuits are everywhere! Note the great necklines on these Socialite sets to give your lounge look a bit more pizazz! They also have a nice selection of minimalist tees and tanks.


There are sooo many more brands that I could share but it’s almost bedtime and I’ve got to slip into my new loungewear and pick up where I left off with Three’s Company, wearing and admiring my own threads. Y’all we have NO excuse not to look and feel great while sippin champagne when we thirsty. (If you get that reference then you have great taste in music! 🙂

Basic tees in a variety of colors $24 Photo by: Bella + Canvas

Biggie’s loungewear game was strong. Photo by: Pinterest

Peace, love & Prosecco,

Marcella 🙂



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