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My review of the Mirror vs Peloton will be direct and to the point in an attempt to prevent others from making the same mistake I did (I am not getting paid for anything I write).

You can have the Mirror mounted or use the stand. I opted for the stand.
I had high hopes.

Mirror vs Peloton


It’s 2022! New year, new me y’all! As we enter that new, fresh start of the year, we all have the hope of getting back in shape.  The Mirror Workout seems ideal for a lot of people. Thousands of workouts right in front of you, individual instruction, on-demand classes, what could go wrong?

Ironically as I was searching for my Mirror vs Peloton review to reference all of my displeasure, I could not find it on their website. In fact, the only reviews that were posted were positive. I read through A LOT, not one had anything negative to say. This is unfortunate given I made my purchase in large part, because of the reviews on their website. It certainly would have been helpful to see a review that had some cons and I call BS if they try to tell me there are none.

The Deception

On their website the Mirror has a 4.9/5 rating with 593 reviews – According to the Mirror’s website reviews, this overpriced, gimmick is worth the money so I bought it. I have to admit the 30-day trial period made the decision easy. If I didn’t like it, I could return it, easy-peasy. Of course, the 30 days came and went, and so did my $1495.

The deception from the Mirror is where we begin. Although I knew the Mirror had a monthly subscription fee, I never realized that it was for a minimum of one year. That fine print will get ya every time.  I had been using the Peloton app that was about $15 a month and I assumed it would be the same cost. It is not. It is $39 a month.

For $1495 plus $39/month, The Mirror should do the workout for me.

On the Mirror you will see your instructor and who in the community is participating in the class as well as the average amount of calories burned. You get the exact same thing with the Peloton app (minus the overpriced mirror).

When I came to my financial senses and made the decision to stop paying for something that I was barely using, it was about six months in. Despite my attempts to negotiate and appeal to their humanity, I was not allowed to cancel so I was stuck paying $39 for six more months. While I understand their intent is to make money if you believe in your product, why would you require a mandatory year-long membership?   

Mirror vs Peloton: The App

The only major difference between the Mirror vs Peloton app is the mirror. I know. So you are basically purchasing a $1495 mirror. Yes. Yes, you are. Do I feel foolish? Of course, but I hope that I can save someone from making the same $1495 mistake I made.

The Music

Perhaps the most critical decision you need to make if you are deciding on the Mirror vs Peloton is how important music is to you. I knew it was important to me but I thought I would be able to somehow connect my Spotify or put headphones on. That does not work. If music is even remotely important to you, do not buy the Mirror. They do not have access to the music we all love and KNOW, Peloton does. For the Mirror this means no Beyonce, 90’s Hip Hop, Country, Classic Rock, (original songs by original artists), nothing even remotely close. Peloton has by far the best music library and is a big part of the reason that people love Peloton so much. Who doesn’t want to jam out to an Outkast set or do yoga with Usher (my favorite Yoga class evahhhh on the Peloton app) as your soundtrack?

Peloton has “artist series” where each workout has a specific group or singer playlist. They are awesome.

The Instructors

I will just say this, there is a reason you’ve probably heard about one or two of the Peloton instructors even if you have not used the app. They are total rock stars. The Gold Standard. Cody Rigsby. That is all. That said, I did enjoy several of the Mirror instructors but not as much as the Peloton instructors.

Cody was recently on Dancing With the Stars. That should give you a pretty good idea of how popular these instructors are.

Mirror vs Peloton: the Workouts

Both apps provide very similar workouts and offer an immense amount of classes. One of the reasons I purchased the Mirror was specifically for the boxing classes, but they didn’t live up to the expectations I had. Even though both apps have instructors and a community, I felt more connected to the Peloton instructors and community.

I just don’t see the point of the Mirror when you can use a better Peloton app and cast it to your TV or watch it on an iPad. If you really need to see yourself, purchase a $20 mirror at Target and save yourself a grand.

If you still want to purchase the Mirror Workout, let me know, I will sell you mine. Subscription not included.

Peace, Love & Prosecco with a hefty side of regret,

marcella 🙂

PS The mirror is heavy AF (around 75lbs). For most people, you will need two people to move it.



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