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I know what you’re thinking, there is no way I can narrow down one must-have item from Target. That is probably true BUT I felt like I hit the jackpot when I purchased this unassuming A-Line skirt from Target. To my surprise, this minimalistic skirt has created around 20 outfits and made my closet feel new again!

Introducing the must-have item from Target: The Women’s High-Rise Midi Slip A-Line Skirt

Women’s High-Rise Midi Slip A-Line Skirt – A New Day™ $22.99

With my skirt in hand, I went to my closet to see what outfits I could find. But, I felt overwhelmed and not in the mood to try anything on. What is it with getting older that I have absolutely zero desire to shop and try things on?! Fatigued with the thought of trying endless outfits on, I managed to push through as I went through my closet. Along the way, something funny happened. I got excited, my new must-have item from Target was about to give me a whole new wardrobe.

The excitement of your must-have item from Target!

A cropped tee or shirt tucked works best with this type of skirt because it ensures your waist is seen. This look works best on women with larger hips and smaller waists because it accentuates the waist creating an illusion of sorts. I call this hip to waist ratio magic. Beyonce and J-Lo have perfected this look.

Look 1 Sporty Chic

Vans are so adaptable so I decided to pair them with a silk red tank for a sporty chic look. Adding my Grandma’s turquoise statement ring gave it some sizzle.

Like most of you, I have not put on heels in over a year so I decided it would be a good time to see if I still can’t walk in them.

Look 2 All Dressed Up

Confirmed. I still can’t walk in heels but that’s not gonna stop me from wearing them after the pandemic! Silk tank paired with my very favorite heels by Sam Edelman and I am ready for a Red Lobster date! (Seriously, I love Red Lobster biscuits more than Bradley Cooper.)

Look 3 Just Add Denim + Kicks

Feeling too dressy with the silk tank and heels, just add denim! Denim jackets are my go-to if I feel too dressed up. Want to take it down a notch more, sub heels with cool kicks. Nike Blazer Lo’s look great with skirts.

Coming back full circle to the reason I purchased the skirt – to wear with crop tops. Unlike most women, I cannot wear shorts so skirts are my answer.

Last but not least I went for a “date night” look, I am still hopeful after 20+ years of online dating y’all!

I realize by the time you are reading this that the must-have item from Target may be sold out, but that’s okay because the A-Line skirt is a classic so there is bound to be another brand that has something similar.

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  1. Jesslyn says:

    Not sold out in xs yay got mine😊😊

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